Clarity: The Key to Our Product

We ask a lot of questions. Why? Because the right questions lead to the right insights, which are the keys to delivering our product.

To gain clarity, we start with the following:
  • Why are you selling your company?
  • What valuation gets your deal done?
  • What factors beyond valuation are important to you?
  • What does your company do better than anyone else?
  • What companies will pay a premium for your unique capabilities?

Clarity is the key to
our product.

These five questions help us determine our customer’s fundamental objectives in closing a transaction. These questions also help us determine how we can deliver our product to our customer.

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Commitment: Set the Closing Date

We choose our customer based on the degree of certainty that we can deliver our product.

A closed transaction requires commitment from us, our customer, and the winning buyer. We use time as an asset by setting deadlines that drive commitment from all parties.

The most important date of the commitment? The desired transaction closing day as determined by our customer.

Please contact us to learn how we use commitment to deliver our product: a closed transaction.

Commitment drives
the delivery of our

Capital: Delivered at Closing & Beyond

At closing, our customer has completed a critical phase in its business life cycle. It has built a company that creates value and has captured significant value in the form of financial capital.

Our product delivers
multiple forms of capital
to our customer.

In addition to financial capital, M&A transactions contain valuable “hidden capital”, including professional, psychological, and intellectual capital.

Understanding the hidden capital in M&A transactions can create additional clarity at the beginning of the transaction process, as well as measurable successes after a transaction closes.

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