Get Reacquainted With Your Imagination

Vaughan Capital Advisors chooses to work with companies trading in M&A transactions between $25 million and $150 million. Why?

VCA is normally working very closely with the owner and operator of the business (“owner operator”). As such, we know that the business they own and operate represents their access to achieving both exciting corporate objectives and important personal objectives. In short, we are working with people on transactions that matter to them.

We can be a new set of eyes and ears that help our customer win the game they are playing. First, we help our customers understand the game they are playing. For simplicity sake let’s agree that the game of starting something new, like a new company, begins with imagination.

When you started your business you imagined a world where you could do something meaningful, do it differently, with more impact, delivering greater value. Different than what? More impact than what? Greater value than what?

The way it was done before.

To create a new product or service, you must imagine that there is a better solution available than what is available now. And, you must imagine that you can create it. And, you must imagine that others will agree that your solution is better. And, you must imagine that they will pay for it. That’s a lot of imagination!

At the same time, you are imaging this new product, you have to imagine a new world. One in which your life and the lives of the people who depend on you will be better off for your having started a business that is the outgrowth of all of your commercial imagination.

By the time Vaughan Capital Advisors begins working with our customers, the world they imagined now exists. Their product or service is generating $25 -$75 million or more in annual revenue. Their spouses, children and loved ones are living in this world, and are actually better off in this world than they would have been in the paradigm that existed before the owner operator “took their shot”.

Now what?

Vaughan Capital Advisors believes it’s time to get reacquainted with your imagination. You can imagine a new world, a bigger world that challenges you to have more impact and make a bigger difference for your existing customers and new customers. You can imagine and create this new world while preserving that value you have created in building your company to where it is now.

How does Vaughan Capital Advisors help an owner operator do this?

  • We start with an evaluation of the unique abilities of the owner operators’ business;
  • This is followed by a thorough examination of the kind of transaction that will enable the owner operator to capture the value necessary to satisfy the lifestyle and responsibilities they have, essentially de-risking their personal financial model; and
  • We then find a strategic acquirer or financial investor who will pay a premium for the company’s unique ability and who has the resources to amplify the unique ability of the business across new geographies and business verticals.

During our engagement with you, Vaughan Capital Advisors will reintroduce you to your imagination. We will market a transaction that is driven by the successes you have already created, and the great value available in the new world you will imagine. This new world typically includes your existing products being marketed and sold in new geographies, and in adjacent business verticals. You will be building on the skills and capabilities you and your team have developed and honed, and by leveraging the strategic and/or financial resources made available by choosing the right transaction partner. You’ve done this before. Now it is about doing it again though on a larger scale with greater impact.

The day after the transaction, the owner operator is free to execute on his/her fully reimagine his business. Why?

They have sold all or a portion of their business and in doing so have secured significant proceeds in cash. The deal has been structured such that there are significant additional proceeds available with the future strong performance of the business. The owner operator, together with the investor, have set bigger goals and have the resources to accomplish them. New challenges await. The owner operator gets to now execute the details of their imagination while knowing that they have captured the value they created in the previous incarnation of their business.

Vaughan Capital Advisors exists to help the owner operator grow to limits of their imagination and beyond.

We drive your empowered future by being an inquisitive and experienced set of eyes and ears capable of customizing a transaction that meets your specific needs.