Why Vaughan Capital Advisors?

Integrated Advisory: Alignment of Personal and Corporate Objectives

M&A transactions are about people. We choose to work with owner operators because they are the people who saw a market opportunity, developed a unique solution to address the opportunity, and are responsible every day for outcomes that affect their customers, their families and their employees. The owner operators’ imprint is on most if not all the aspects of the business. So, to know the business, it is important that we get to know the owner operator.

We want to know what your business means to you, your family, your employees and your future.

We Ask Better Questions About You

At Vaughan Capital Advisors, we want to know about you. We ask questions that other M&A Advisory firms do not. We want to know why you do what you do as much as we want to know what it is that you do.

Our Questions Lead to a Better Product

Once we know you and what you want, we are better able to deliver you a custom product.

Our product is your closed transaction. Every transaction is different because every owner operator is different. From the very beginning, we are focused on what you want out of the transaction. We are committed to delivering that product to you.

We use many of the same methods used by other M&A advisory firms. We just use them differently. Why? Because we have the experience, intuition and commitment necessary to look at a transaction from all sides.

Our product, your closed transaction, is better because we build it specifically for you.

You created a unique business. You deserve a unique and customized M&A product that enables you to capture true economic value.

At Vaughan Capital Advisors, we know that our customers’ business and personal lives are inextricably linked. We want the close of a transaction to enable our customers to capture enough value such that their personal lives are secured, and they are empowered to take on new and exciting corporate challenges. We believe those new, bigger corporate challenges will yield greater personal outcomes in the future. This is what we mean by “Driving Media and Technology Companies to an Empowered Future”.